Thursday, September 1, 2016

Donut Themed Birthday Party

It's hard to believe Molly turned 7 on Tuesday.  How is it THAT possible? And yet, memories of her as an infant are so distant. Photos of her as a toddler recall times that are surely long ago.  We celebrated her 7th with a small party at my parent's house last weekend - the guest list included 95% girls, a sign of the times to me.  Mike and I are forever grateful to my parents, Gma and Grandpa, for allowing us to throw parties at their spectacular home and being such gracious hosts.  This year, my 90 year old grandfather, Carter, was visiting from Ohio, and served up  mimosas to our adult guests. Uncle Scott and Aunt Meg were also there to celebrate and very helpful! Lucky us to share the day with great family.

The party was a "donut and pizza" themed pool party.  Here's a look at the highlights, including all my crafts and adorable kids faces. I put together the annual number photo canvas - one of my favorite projects.  Molly just adored the donut set up!

I created gift bags using my Simply Stamps donut stamp (easy plug.... #sorrynotsorry) and my Clearsnap Inks. I created the hats you've seen above. (Tutorial coming on the Simply Stamps blog. Those are a labor of love but they turned out great!)  All of the donut sunglasses, pencils, trays, notebooks, and other swag are from Oriental Trading Company! I always make an audio CD of all of my kids favorite songs as favors. This year, there was lots of Taylor Swift and Kids Bop!  And pictured here is Gma -- such a great co-host!

The "Happy Birthday Molly" donut banner hung here is from Swanky Press - my go to Invitation shop! She provided me with the matching banner and I am so thankful! It looked great.  Little donut floats doubled as other favors and helped pump up the theme!

Mike is a loyal guy sporting his Holmes Stamp and Sign Shirt. I didn't arrange this plug, by the way. He wears this shirt ALL THE TIME.   We turned up Kids Bop and Connor Man and Daddy started the party!

Rule: When having a pool party with a donut and pizza theme, always order donut floats and pizza floats. Am I wrong? 

A trip out to the beach! 

Post-beach Pizza and then homemade party hats and a candle in a donut rounded out the day! Last - a nap with Grandpa.

And there you have it! More is more, right? :) Happy 7th to my beautiful daughter - inside and out. How the time is flying.